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The SWDF Festival committee under the leadership of Chairman, Eamonn Doran and Secretary, Kevin McEvoy, is delighted to be hosting the 2018 All Ireland Confined Drama Finals from the 13th - 21st April 2018.

South Wicklow Drama Festival was founded in 2005 and held its first Festival in St. Brigid's Hall, Carnew from the 13th - 20th March 2005. This first Festival was opened by Carnew born, Loughlin Deegan, (Playwright/Artistic Director of The Lir, National Acadamy of Dramatic Art, Trinity College).

The Festival has awakened and re-kindled an interest and love of theatre in the area.  Over the years the Festival has hosted a wide variety of plays, performed by talented Drama Groups from all over the country. The Festival has enjoyed many packed houses and there is no doubt that Theatre is Alive and Well in Carnew. Many of both the Open and Confined  groups who participated in the South Wicklow Drama Festival went on to win in their section in the All Ireland Finals.  The most recent was Bridge Drama with their production of 'Lost in Yonkers' by Neil Simon who won the All Ireland Drama Final in Athlone in 2016.

South Wicklow Drama Festival under the Auspices of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland (ADCI)

South Wicklow Drama Festival Committee 2018

Front row L-R: Tommy Kavanagh; Mick Byrne (President); Eamonn Doran (Chairman); Kevin McEvoy (Secretary); Brendan Doyle (Vice-Chairman); Jacinta Kavanagh.

Back row L-R: Mary Doran (PRO); Kieran Tyrrell; Mary Doyle; Mandie O'Keeffe; Raymond Brennan; Lorna Doran McEvoy (Asst. Secretary & Asst. PRO); Hannah Doyle; Máire Doran; Debbie Furlong (Treasurer); Gavin Nolan and Jacqui Mulholland (Asst. Treasurer). 


Committee 2011

committee 2011

Front row l - r: Eamonn Doran (Vice- Chairman); Mary Doran (P.R.O.); Michael Kelly (Treasurer); Hannah Doyle (Secretary); Brendan Doyle (Chairman); Goodwin Furlong (President).
Back row l - r: Ger Byrne; Kevin McEvoy (Asst Secretary); Lorna Doran (Asst PRO) Anne Sheridan; Mary Doyle; Tommy Kavanagh (Safety Officer); Jacinta Kavanagh; Mick Byrne; Cathy Tighe; Ivan Jordan (Safety Officer) and Lar Duffy.


Committee 2010

committee 2010

Front row l - r: Tommy Kavanagh; Mary Doran - P.R.O.; Eamonn Doran - Vice Chairman; Brendan Doyle - Chairman; Hannah O'Sullivan - Secretary; Mick Byrne - President; P.J. Arthur.
Back row l - r: Cathy Tighe; Ger Byrne - Treasurer; Mick Kelly; Ivan Jordon; Lorna Doran - Asst. P.R.O.; Kevin McEvoy - Asst. Secretary;Anne Sheridan; Jacinta Kavanagh; Goodwin Furlong.
Missing from photo: Mary Doyle and Lar Duffy

Members of the 2007 Committee pictured with Anne Kent, actress who opened the 2007 Festival

2007 festival

Front row l - r: Cathy Tighe, Hannah O'Sullivan, Brendan Doyle, Anne Kent, David Donohoe
Back row l - r: Kevin McEvoy, Mick Byrne, Ger Byrne, Ivan Jordan, Tommy & Jacinta Kavanagh, Anne Sheridan, Lar Duffy, Mary & Eamonn Doran, P.J. Arthur.

Photography for this website by Eamonn Doran & Lorna Doran
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