South Wicklow Drama Festival

Schull Drama Group - 'No Man's Land' by Harold Pinter


                                                                                                Director: Jennifer Williams


Hirst - Pat Bracken

Spooner - Anthony Harris

Foster - Caleb Cairns

Briggs - Sean O’Connell


Director: Jennifer Williams

Assistant Director: Joan Giller



Lighting: Dan Thornhill and Ger Minihane

Sound: Jennifer Williams

Stage Manager: Joan Giller

Hair and Make Up: Patricia Coogan-O’Dell

Set design: Jennifer Williams

Set construction: Ger Minihane and Pat Hodnett

Costumes: Liz Flatman

Props: Joan Giller and Jennifer Williams

Extra crew: Joe Fahy


About the Play

Late one evening, having met by chance in a pub, two aging writers continue a long night of drinking and reminiscing in a London stately home. As the night wears on, their conversation wanders through memories long forgotten or invented. Is their encounter real or a delusion? Are they strangers or do they share a past history? When two further characters intrude upon the increasingly surreal evening, the atmosphere quickly changes from friendly to threatening and the drunken encounter becomes a dangerous game where the only object is survival.


About the Group

Schull Drama Group has been in existence for 34 years and has developed into diverse team of actors, directors, stage managers, producers, set designers and builders, costume makers, make-up artists, and media and technical personnel. With an eclectic West Cork mix of nationalities, accents and experience, our repertoire spans many different genres: serious and comedic, musical and pantomime, and Irish and international.


Photography for this website by Eamonn Doran & Lorna Doran
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