South Wicklow Drama Festival

St. Brigid's Hall

Tech Spec:

Stage – 3 sets of Black Drapes.

Permanent White Cyc Wall at back of stage

8 x Black Masking Flats.



10 x 750 Source 4 Profiles (36 Degree)

4 x 750 Source 4 Profiles (50 Degree)

20 x 1kw Fresnels

6 x 650w Fresnels

8 x 1kw Par Cans

CYC will be lit by LED’s if required.

48 Channels of Dimmers

Desk: ETC Smartfade 24/96 or Jands Vista with M1 Desk.



2 x Crown Xli 800 Amps

4 x The Box 110 Speakers

Sound Craft EPM 8 Desk


ASL Comms unit between Lighting Box and Stage.


Any enquiries to Tech Manager: Eddie O'Brien on: 087 – 2212457 or Kevin on: 087-6732437.


Photography for this website by Eamonn Doran & Lorna Doran
Full resolution copies of all the photos on the web site available. Contact