South Wicklow Drama Festival

The Far Off Hills 2016


The Far Off Hills by Lennox Robinson



Patrick Clancy

P.J. Arthur




Dick Delany

Oliver O'Shaughnessy

Harold Mahony

Susie Tynan

Pierce Hegarty

Ellen Nolan

Ellie Willoughby

Anna Dillon

Caitlin Clauson

Seamus Burnell

Maurice Ruth

Fionn Stafford

Jane Kinsella

Gary Stephens

Mary Doran




Producer/Director: Mick Byrne


Stage Manager: Tommy Kavanagh

Stage Crew: Ger Byrne, Roy Douglas, Kevin Mulholland, Stephen Ellis, Raymond Brennan, Tom Byrne.

Props: Cathy Tighe

Lights: Kevin McEvoy

Assisted by: Aoife Clauson

Sound: Paddy Byrne and Dougie Doyle

Hair: Marion O’ Toole

Make up: Lorna Doran & Meg Tyrrell

Costumes: Jacinta Kavanagh

Set Design: Mick Byrne

Set Construction: Lar Duffy, Ger Byrne, Paddy Byrne, Dougie Doyle, Stephen Ellis and Tommy Kavanagh.


Setting: The first and third Acts take place in the Clancy's dining-room, the second Act in the girls' - Ducky's and Pet's – bedroom. No time lapses between the 1st and 2nd Acts but several weeks pass between the 2nd and 3rd Acts.

Period: 1930


Brief History of the Group: Kilrush Drama Group celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2014 with current director, Mick Byrne who was the founding member of the group still at the helm. During the 51 years of Kilrush DG, they have produced over 70 plays and appeared in the 3 Act Confined All Ireland Finals on 17 occasions. The group finally won the Premier Award in the 2015 Confined All Ireland with their production of ‘Poor Beast in the Rain’. In August 2015, Kilrush DG presented a summer play for the first time, performing ‘Our Day Out’. 


Synopsis of the Play:

Set in a sleepy town in rural Ireland, where the far off hills are green, everything is set to change in the lives of Patrick Clancy and his three daughters, Marian, Ducky and Pet. The oldest daughter, Marian, feels duty bound to postpone her entry to the convent until her father has his long-awaited cataract operation. Marian rules the household strictly, much to the dismay of Patrick and her more fun-loving younger sisters Pet and Ducky. Harold Mahony, one of the greatest moaners in Ireland has his sights set on the blissfully unaware oldest daughter. All is set to change however, with the arrival of the energetic young and devilishly handsome, Pierce Hegarty. Feeling left out in the cold by Marian’s admirers, the two younger girls hatch a plan to get rid of their older sister which ends with unexpected results.


Photography for this website by Eamonn Doran & Lorna Doran
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