On Raftery’s Hill

On Raftery’s Hill is a strong drama about a dysfunctional family in the midlands. Another generation struggles to escape the cycle of depravity and the rancid atmosphere of Raftery’s Hill.

Marina Carr unmasks a world “so horrible it has to be true”.


Red Raftery Michael Dunbar
Sorrell Raftery Ellie Condren
Ded Raftery Joe Sinnott
Dinah Raftery Cathy Tighe
Shalome Raftery Anne Sheridan
Isaac Dunne P.J. Arthur
Dara Mood Tom Darcy


Directed by Michael Byrne
Set Construction Lar Duffy, Ger Byrne and Martin Breen
Set Decor Maeve Hunter
Set Design Lar Duffy
Lighting Kevin McEvoy & Michael Kelly
Sound Dougie Doyle
Make-up Lorna Doran
Hair Stylist Marian O ‘ Toole
Costumes Jacinta Kavanagh
Stage Crew Tommy Kavanagh, Roy Douglas, Ger Byrne, Brendan Hayden, Billy Molloy and Maurice Ruth.
Music Colm O Tiarnaigh